Techinomics Rotating Throat Features

  • Increase coal throughput
  • Improve coal stream fineness
  • Improve Primary Classification
  • Lower NOx in your pulverizer - increase Lo-NOx burner efficiency
  • Extend SCR catalyst life
  • Reduce boiler slagging
  • Extend periods between Overhauls
  • Reduce pre-combustion mercury
  • Installs in as little as 3 shifts
Techinomics Removes Mercury & Arsenic
Independent side by side testing at a
Southeastern US coal plant demonstrates
Techinomics' unmatched ability to remove
See Report Here

The Techinomics Rotating Throat-Ledge Cover System features patented ledge cover and inlet vane design that provides unique and unmatched performance in several key areas. The throat design incorporates a venturi effect and converging-diverging nozzle which converts pressure to velocity, returning more over-sized coal particles back to the working zone for additional re-grinding without blowing the pyretic rock back or clogging the ports. The Techinomics design allows for a superior primary classification process. The pyretic rock, which even in pre-washed bituminous coal contains significant concentrations of Mercury is removed from the coal stream at an un-matched rate. The vane design coupled with the throats high-pressure drop system allows us to increase velocity without increasing primary air flow mass.

  • Less primary air mass in the pulverizer means less oxygen available to form NOx.
  • Less NOx in the system means more efficient Low NOx burner operation and extended life for your SCR catalyst.
  • Because we produce a finer, more combustion efficient coal stream, with significantly reduced pyretic rock content, there is less rock available to cause boiler back pass erosion. Less maintenance cost- longer intervals between overhauls.

Techinomics installation

Techinomics Installation

Techinomics throats with wear resistant roll wheel and grinding table

Techinomics throats with wear resistant roll wheel and grinding table

Designed for Efficiency

Techinomics patented Throat-Ledge Cover is the only fully rotating throat that rotates the ledge cover with the throat.

  • This means the whole working wall facing the fluidized bed of coal rotates with and at the same speed as the throat. Less wear, superior materials on every Techinomics rotating throat
  • Customers have reported restoring lost coal pipe balance after installing and adjusting Techinomics Rotating Throat-Ledge Cover.
  • A reduction in fly ash LOI is a normal consequence of the improved fineness and pyretic rock removal with Techinomics Rotating Throats.